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Chavara - ചവറ

Chavara is approximately 14 km north of Kollam on the Kollam-Alappuzha highway in India. Tonnes of mineral sand, mainly titanium, are exported from Chavara to various countries. The Kovilthottam port is situated within the limits of Chavara Panchayat. Kovilthottam is a strip of land (approx.100 mts in width) sandwiched in between chavara T.S canal and Arabian sea. It is also a tourist spot and pilgrim centre. St. Andrews church, beach and lighthouse are major attractions.

Chavara panchyat has some industrial establishments, including Indian Rare Earths (IRE), The Kerala Premo Pipe factory(Closed since 1995 and all chances to reopen this factory ended due to political ego between Left and Right front ruling parties) , Kerala Mineral and Metal Limited(KMML), and Titanium Complex at Chavara. The new ISRO project for manufacturing Titanium sponge is being undertaken at KMML. Chavara is a place of great personalities also. The great poet and film lyricist ONV Kurup and newly noted poet Charles J.D also belongs to chavara. Major tourist spots of Chavara are: St. Andrews church, kovilthottam; kovilthottam light house and beach; Ashtamudi lake resorts; sinking islands in Ashtamudi lake.

Kerala Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Agency (Jalanidhi) has started a Project Office at Nallezhathumukku, Chavara (by the NH 47) to co-ordinate implementation of a World Bank aided drinking water project for Chavara and Panmana Grama Panchayats with people's participation. Probably, this is the biggest water supply project in the whole of Asia, having an estimated cost of rupees 35 Crores.

The only government college in Kollam belongs to Chavara, Sankaramangalam. The famous Kottamkulangara temple where "Chamayavilakk" is held bleongs to chavara.


KMML, Kerala Minerals and Metals Ltd.[3]
IREL, Indian Rare Earths Limited.[4]
Kerala primo pipe factory

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